Spring into a Lilly Pulitzer Parrot Dress!

My personal favorite style for spring is shall we say COLORFUL! I think it's the long winter and deep gloom of the sky in Vermont that makes me ANNOUNCE Colorfully we finally have sunshine thru colorful fashion choices.

Lilly Pulitzer I love! I don't know if you know the history of "The Lilly's"  the bright, bold, Print floral and yes even parrot colored dresses. Lilly Pulitzer came up with the idea for the dresses to hide orange juice stains she got running her orange juice stand in Florida. Stain resistant floral bright shifts were born.

In the 60's after First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Lilly dress pictured in Life Magazine the Lilly Pulitzer Style was wanted worldwide.

I'm not someone who follows fashion trends unless well.....I like them. I'm often out of step with the styles, setting my own trends or in the case of a Vermont Spring, I am the Floral/Parrot colored announcement that Spring has officially arrived.