70's Vintage Op Art Blouses

One of my favorite finds on any of my treasure hunts is a 70's op-art Vintage blouse. The hard part is putting them online to share! 

The unique style from geometric eye-popping prints to the blouses that almost seem to tell a story. They are all so unique so you can pick your blouse based on a whim, a mood or the desire to tell a tale:)

Slim curve hugging Nylon Blouses With planes and France put travel on my mind and loose flowy floral finds remind me spring is almost here!  I love to wear them and share them!

Keep an eye out because there's a wonderful selection coming end of March in time for spring. What story do you want to tell?

I promise if they don't fit me I'll share!


 Abstract Eye Popping Op Art To wake you up pre-coffee